Trishuli Hospital to provide blood for emergency treatment, needy people free of cost

भदौ २५, २०७९ मा प्रकाशित
Published at 2022-09-10


Trishuli: The Trishuli Hospital in Nuwakot has started providing blood and blood serum required for economically disadvantaged patients needing emergency treatment free of cost.

Hospital’s medical superintendent Dr Deependra Pandey said this service has been made available from Friday.

Such patients also need not pay the fee charged for blood tests as well, states a press release issued by Dr Pandey. The fee for blood group tests and processing is Rs 850 per pint.

However, it is free for indigent patients, those who belong to the disadvantaged group and those people critically injured in accidents including those involving vehicles.

The Hospital is also providing COVID-19 and dengue tests free of cost.


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