Parliamentary body asks ministries to boost coordination to solve foreign employment problems

Posted on: July 19, 2017 | views: 328

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Home Ministry, and the Ministry of Labour and Employment, have been pressed to ensure strong and efficient coordination to resolve the problems relating to foreign employments. 

Legislature-Parliament's International Relations and Labour Committee today drew the attention of government that the coordination among the concerned ministries is weak and inefficient, and the foreign missions are not cooperative with the stranded migrant workers. 

The Committee meeting argued that Nepali workers are facing problems as they were sent illegally. 

At the meeting, Minister for Labour and Employment, Pharmullah Mansoor, said efforts were on to send the workers after forging agreements with the receiving countries. 

According to him, trainings would be conducted in all seven provinces and 75 districts across the country in order to provide pre-information to the foreign job aspirants. Technical education would be provided to the children of those losing lives during the foreign employments, the Minister assured. 

On the occasion, former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal shared the information that those involved in the foreign employment frauds were protected and condoned in collusion with various sectors.