Restructuring of NPC is NPC new vice-chair's priority

Posted on: August 03, 2017 | views: 146

Newly-appointed vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission (NPC), Dr Swornim Wagle, says restructuring of the commission befitting the federalism and economic reform are his top priorities. 

Dr. Wagle, who was appointed to the NPC top post by a decision of the Council of Ministers today, said, his priority would be to take the debate over the commission's restructuring to a logical conclusion, not retaining it merely as a body stitching periodic plans together.  

Dr. Wagle emphasized on restructuring the NPC as it is necessary to do so after the election of the federal parliament and province assemblies.

He also said he would bring integrated plan for Nepal's graduation to the status of a developing country by 2020 and to achieve the sustainable development goals that have to be met by 2030 and to reach the status of a middle-income country, based on proven and realistic planning with a long-term vision.

He also mentioned that training programmes would also be conducted in the context of plan formulation and implementation at the local level.