Local representatives directed to furnish property details

Posted on: July 27, 2017 | views: 60

The National Vigilance Centre has directed the elected local representatives to submit their property details within 60 days of their election through the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development. 

The local representatives who have been directed to do so include elected representatives including mayor and deputy mayor of metropolitan and sub metropolitan city, municipality and chiefs of rural municipality. 

The deadline for the representatives to provide their property details is by the second week of June.

Spokesperson for the Ministry Rudra Singh Tamang said the details of property of elected local representatives are being collected. 

Clause 5 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2059 requires public service job- holders to submit property details in their or family members' name along with sources, within 60 days of assuming the office or thereafter within 60 days of the completion of each fiscal year. 

In case of a failure to do so within the given time, the concerned body or official will launch investigation into the property in the person's or family member's name.