Dispute among ministries on management of education at local level worries lawmakers

Posted on: July 20, 2017 | views: 166

Differing views among three ministries-- the ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Ministry of Education and Ministry of General Administration -- regarding the management of education service at the local-level and deputation of employees have made lawmakers worried. 

In a meeting of the Legislature-Parliament's Development Committee today, secretaries from these ministries presented their differing views regarding the management of education service at the local-level.  

Lawmakers, suggesting the formation of a joint experts' taskforce among the three ministries, urged them to seek a solution to the matter

Committee President Rabindra Adhikari, stating that republic and federalism were achieved due to combined struggle of political parties, directed the authorities concerned to manage human resources required for the local level as soon as possible so as to institutionalize such achievements. 

The committee has demanded for bringing the policy and working procedure for the quality improvement and management of schools. The Development Committee and Women, Children, Aged Citizens and Social Welfare Committee would work jointly to this end, he added.

Secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya also said that the authority regarding the management of the secondary education has been given to local bodies therefore, the central body does not have any rights regarding it.

Education expert, Dr Mana Prasad Wagle, said that the central bodies should coordinate among the concerned authorities for ensuring quality education.