'worries about safety of Nepali migrant workers'

Posted on: July 14, 2017 | views: 175

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has hinted the possibility of reconsideration on the provision of 'free visa and ticket' provided that political parties were agreed for so.  


While inaugurating the 25th General Assembly of  Nepal  Association of Foreign Employment Agencies ( NAFEA) in kathmandu today, the Prime Minister said he would take initiations for forging  an agreement to address the demand for reconsideration on the 'free visa , free ticket' provision put forth by foreign employment agencies.

He stressed that all sides including manpower agencies must be sensitive towards ensuring economic and physical security of Nepali workers. 

Also speaking on the Minister for Labour and Employment Farmullah Mansoor admitted that the provision for 'free visa, free ticket' seemed charming, it could not be implemented effectively and it failed to serve the common interest of workers.


prime Minister Sher Bd Deuba has directed the finance ministry and its subordinate bodies to implement projects and programs  in such a way that can achieve economic growth rate in the fiscal year and coming years.

Addressing a program organized to inform about the country's economic status today, he said the economic growth rate should be limited in number only but also reflected on the faces of the poor people.

The prime Minister also instructed the officials under the ministry of the finance that plans should be devised which can attract domestic and foreign investment with a timely reform in legal and policy level hurdles that comes along  the policy making.

On the occasion, finance minister Gyanedra Bd. Karki has said the finance ministry is seriously working on creating environment to attract the domestic and foreign private investors