Bagmati Cleanup Campaign 217th Week

Posted on: July 09, 2017 | views: 504

As high as 38 metric tonnes of garbage was collected from various major rivers and ring road areas in Kathmandu Valley.

Around 16 metrics tonnes of solid waste was managed from the Gusinggal area of Naya Pul at Tripureshwar while cleaning the Bagmati River as the part of the Bagmati River Clean-Up campaign that entered the 217th week Saturday. 

The highlight of the event was the attendance of Minister for Urban Development Prabhu Shah who also donated labour for the cleaning of the trashes in the holy river.

Minister Shah pointed out the need for employing technology in the cleaning drive for enhancing the efficiency of the cleaning. He also urged for similar drive for other rivers in the country. 

More than 700 people from various walks of life and different government agencies including secretary at the Ministry of Urban Development, Dipendranath Sharma, participated in the event, according to the campaigners. 

Similarly, around 100 volunteers representing Pudasaini Maitri Samaj and Ramro Jorpati Hamro Jorpati campaign extracted two metric tonnes of solid waste from the Pahelo Pul stretch at Gothatar as the clean up drive launched by the Samaj entered 178th week today.