Fresh act to operate local governance sought

Posted on: July 05, 2017 | views: 137

A section of lawmakers, airing their views in the special hour of the Legislature-Parliament meeting today, stressed the need for formulating laws required for operating the local levels in the aftermath of the completion of local elections  in six provinces.

Rajan Bhattarai, underlining the need of bringing the laws necessary to operate the local levels soon, said the government did not seem serious towards taking initiations to start preparations for all elections within the constitutional deadline.

Rajaram Syangtan said that there were difficulties to run the local levels due to lack of required human resources. 

Other lawmakers including Dilli Prasad Kafley,   Hira Bahadur KC, Janak Raj Joshi and Shyam Sundar Shrestha drew the attention of the government towards contemporary issues. 

Lawmaker Kafley suggested the government for the construction  of a hydroelectricity project based in Kalikot on its own, stating that PPA with the provision of purchasing power in dollars that the government signed with an  Indian company,  awarded  the contract for its construction,  would cause loss to the country.