EC says number of votes inside ballot boxes is true number of votes

Posted on: July 01, 2017 | views: 303

The Election Commission ( EC) has directed the chief election officers and the election officers to proceed ahead with the counting of votes considering the number of votes inside the ballot boxes itself as the true number of votes in the vote counting, now underway under the second phase local level election.

A meeting of the EC held under the chair of Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Upadhyay today gave the direction to this end.

The EC's latest decision came to the reports regarding differences seen in the number of ballots used during the voting and the number of ballots found during the vote counting process.

According to EC Spokesperson Surya Prasad Sharma, the EC has directed the all chief election officers and election officers to proceed with counting of votes considering the number of votes remaining inside the sealed ballot boxes.