Rs 204 m to be distributed to conflict victims of Surkhet

Posted on: July 01, 2017 | views: 160

Victims of the decade-long Maoist insurgency of the district will get Rs 204 million in relief in the second phase. 

The relief amount will be distributed by the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction under rehabilitation programme while those killed, disappeared, abducted and displaced in the conflict are entitled to the facility. 

Of the total relief amount, Rs 148.3 million will be handed out to the total 336 selected families whose members were either killed or disappeared in the insurgency. Likewise, Rs 41 million will be distributed to a total of 505 families displaced during the rebellion. 

Similarly, Rs 300 thousand will be doled out to 12 persons abducted during the insurgency. Earlier in the first phase, the total 123 conflict victims of the district got the relief amount.