13 hydel companies in preparation to launch IPO

Posted on: June 27, 2017 | views: 196

Various 13 hydropower companies are to launch their initial public offerings (IPO) in the near future.

Of the 19 companies of different sectors that had applied to the Security Board of Nepal for IPO and Follow on Public Offer (FPO), 13 companies belong to hydropower.

The IPO will be allotted for local affected people and general people. The face value of each unit of IPO share has been valued at Rs 100.

Projects are bound to give 10 percent of the total units of share to local affected people to obey the laws.

They are Sanjen Hydropower Company Limited, a subsidiary company of Chilime Hydropower Company, Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Limited, Aakhukhola Hydropower Company Limited, Ganjyang Upatakya Hydropower Limited among others.