Low capital expenditure riles development partners

Posted on: June 21, 2017 | views: 122

The government, Nepal's development partners and economists have expressed serious concern over the low capital expenditure that is limited to just 25 per cent when 24 days are left for the current fiscal year to come to an end. 

They said lack of seriousness in implementing the projects and failure to immediately resolve problems seen in the project sites are blamed for the low capital expenditure.

They further stressed that the bodies concerned should carry out works honestly along with the goal of increasing expenditure in future.  

They laid emphasis in implementation of development projects and increasing capital expenditure in a tripartite meeting organised jointly by the Finance Ministry and Asian Development Bank ( ADB)  .

Saying   the government has set a goal of spending Rs 312 billion capital expenditure in the current fiscal year, only Rs 124 billion was spent till June 20, Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Shanta Raj Subedi, urged all the bodies concerned to carry out works seriously.  =

Finance Secretary Shanta Raj Subedi expressed concern for not getting a satisfactory progress on the projects supported by the ADB, World Bank, other development partners