Amnesty releases report 'Turning people into profits'

Posted on: June 07, 2017 | views: 106

Amnesty International has released a report titled 'Turning People into Profits'. The report has published studies made on the the issue of abusive recruitment, trafficking and, forced labour of Nepali migrant workers. 

Amnesty said the report was prepared by holding talks with 127 workers of eights districts who had returned from overseas employment, 22 foreign employment entrepreneurs, four local 'agents' and district local officers as well as study visit to Malaysia.

The report stated that migrant workers have to bear loan burden from the beginning to the end of overseas employment process and have to face different types of risk including forced labour and labour exploitation. 

Similarly, the report has suggested to take action against manpower agencies taking high service charge, to effectively implement online system, and to deploy police in monitoring of foreign employment.