Consensus needed among the major political parties: UML Chair Oli

Posted on: June 06, 2017 | views: 182

Leader of the main opposition party – the CPN (UML) – KP Sharma Oli, addressing the meeting of the Legislature-Parliament today, has said that the House obstruction has been removed keeping in mind the understanding reached among the major political parties and the national necessity.

Making a statement in the House before the start of the process for the election of new Prime Minister, he stated that all sides came to an understanding for pursuing the second-phase of local election with the first-phase local election having been completed and for meeting the goal of holding the province and federal parliament.

He said that stopping activities like booth capturing, election fraud and tearing of ballot papers that he accused the ruling side of committing in the first-phase local election was the demand of his party, expressing the hope that the parliamentary committee that is to be formed as per their demand would carry out the important work. 

Leader Oli further said that his party felt the responsibility of resuming House, to elect the new Prime Minister and the Bharatpur issue has entered in the Supreme Court.   

In another context, the leader of the opposition party ruled out the rumour that his party was anti Tarai.