World Environment Day- President seeks combined efforts to conserve environment

Posted on: June 06, 2017 | views: 147

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has called on everyone dedicate themselves to the conservation of nature

Addressing a ceremony organised by the Ministry of Population and Environment on the occasion of World Environment Day yesterday, the President appealed to all to guarantee a beautiful future for the future generation through conserving nature with all it's diverse flora and fauna and forest areas. 

The President said that the Constitution has ensured the rights of a every citizen to live in a healthy and clean environment. She  insisted on the need of collective efforts among the government, private sector, non-government sector, development partners and masses to create a ground for enjoying such right. 

She praised the local communities for their significant contribution to environment protection by conserving water, forest and land, stressing on the integral connection between nature and humans. 

The Head-of-the-State Bhandari said the success of the community forestry is famous and exemplary to the whole world. Nepal is rich in natural resources which are the sustainable basis for the economic and social development for the rural communities.