Ballot tearing reflects criminal mind-sets-Oli

Posted on: June 03, 2017 | views: 108

CPN-UMl Chair KP Sharma Oli has said the ballot paper tearing   was carried out in Bharatpur Metropolis due to a criminal mind-set. 

Addressing a programme ,  Oli said the people have known the truth behind the tearing of ballot papers in Bharatpur. He blamed the Bharatpur mayoral candidate for the incident. 

Reiterating his stance to count votes in Bharatpur, he asked, "Try to win the hearts of people not take up crime for victory. His party would never accept the victory through crimes, the vote count should be held in Bharatpur". 

He warned to obstruct the House till the vote count resumed in Bharatpur. 

He said the parliament is not only the place to elect the Prime Minister but also to explore solution to all problems of the country.