EC committed to conducting June 14 election: CEC Yadav

Posted on: May 25, 2017 | views: 87

Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has reaffirmed that the Election Commission is steadfast on conducting the second-phase local level election scheduled for June 14, and is moving ahead accordingly. 

Speaking in a programme of discussions with the chiefs of the monitoring teams and the micro observers deployed in the first phase local polls on May 14 today, CEC Yadav said, the commission is proceeding ahead with the management of the second-phase local election on June 14, without any kind of confusion, to have it accomplished in a free and fair manner.

He clarified that the Election Commission has not received official information regarding increment in the number of local level units, stating the election could not be held on the basis of the 'incomplete' report coming from the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development. 

The Commission has forwarded the election management works focusing on the 461 local level units alone, the Chief Election Commissioner insisted.