Election Commission to discuss security issues with top leaders

Posted on: May 20, 2017 | views: 371

The Election Commission is to discuss with the top leaders of the major political parties regarding making the security arrangements for the second phase local-level election more effective. 

The commission is preparing to discuss the security issues with the top political leaders so that security-related issues do not repeat in the second phase elections as some security challenges were seen owing to the clashes between cadres of the political parties in the first phase election. 

Talking to media persons after the meeting of the High Level Security Committee at the Election Commission today, election commissioner Sudheer Kumar Shah said the top leaders are being consulted seeking directives from them to the cadres and supporters of the political parties for conducting their activities in a restrained manner. The high level security committee has been formed in view of the local-level election. 

The Election Commission is also to urge the political parties for more alertness following the confrontation and dispute among the cadres of the political parties resulting unexpectedly in sad incidents in some districts including Dolakha in the first round local election despite adequate security arrangements put in place. 

Election commissioner Shah said that the meeting, besides reviewing and evaluating the entire security system, also held extensive discussions on the security challenges and risks during the second-phase local election. 

The commission thanked the government and the security bodies for making appropriate arrangements for holding the first phase election in a peaceful manner, and expressed the confidence that there would be even deeper cooperation and coordination among the security bodies in the second phase local elections as well. 

Changunarayan Municipality's vote counting centre sealed


Vote counting in the Changunarayan Municipality, Bhaktapur has been halted until further notice. With this decision taken today, the vote counting centre has been sealed. 

The Nepali Congress (NC), Rastriya Prajatantra Party ( RPP) and Nepal Workers and Peasants Party ( NWPP) obstructed the vote counting citing lack of 'fairness' and 'transparency' in the vote counting process. 

The three parties have accused employees in the vote counting team of being close to the CPN (UML) and 'unethical favor' to the party. Their claim is that votes cast for NC and Nepal Workers and Peasants Party were included in the UML's name. 

The three parties have demanded reshuffle in the vote counting team and recounting of votes. 

An all-party meeting is underway along with the participation of Chief District Officer Drona Pokhrel and District Chief Election Officer Bhojraj Sharma to find a solution to the problem.