All ballot boxes brought to counting centres

Posted on: May 16, 2017 | views: 234

Ballot boxes of the first round of local-level election held on May 14 have been brought to the vote counting centres, the Election Commission has stated.

 Although all ballot boxes have been collected, counting of votes of seven polling centres still remains.  Vote counting of six places has been obstructed and voting in polling station has been postponed due to various reasons.

Re-polling at each place in Dolakha and Kavre and two places in Kalikot has been demanded following the dispute and clashes at these polling stations, the EC stated. Discussion is underway in this regard, it is learnt.

Similarly re-election at Changunarayan-6 based voting centre in Bhaktapur district is taking place tomorrow. The voting was obstructed on Sunday after some ballot papers of other districts were found used in the election. 

Vote counting of more than 260 polling centres, out of 281 of 34 districts of province no 3, 4 and 6, is underway.