Cabinet decides to forward constitution amendment bill

Posted on: February 20, 2017 | views: 254

The meeting of the Council of Ministers has decided to forward the constitution amendment bill registered in the parliament.

The Cabinet meeting held in Singh Durbar today decided to forward the bill in tomorrow's Parliament session in a bid to address the voices of Tarai centric parties, marginalized communities and other minority groups.

The meeting further allocated an additional responsibility to the committee formed under the convenorship of Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development to suggest the government after holding discussions with the stakeholders and experts for the practical implementation of Local Level Restructuring Commission (LLBRC) report as there are various complaints over the report regarding the number and borders of local levels.

The committee will submit additional report by seven days in this regard. Spokesperson Karki further shared that the government has taken the report of the Federal Minister to increase the local levels positively.