Timely completion of Valley's road widening project sought

Posted on: November 10, 2016 | views: 86

The meeting of the Development Committee has directed the authorities concerned to accelerate the ongoing road-widening project in the Kathmandu Valley so as to complete it soon as the lack of timely completion of the project has left roads dusty prompting to traffic congestion.

Besides, the meeting directed the authorities concerned to display details informing the public about the roads included in the widening project.  

Likewise, the Kathmandu Valley Development Authority has been asked to present a progress report on the Tripureshwor-Nagdhunga Road widening project within the next seven days, as said by Committee President Rabindra Adhikari.

The Authority has been instructed to mend pits, potholes and other structural defects in the roads in the capital within a month and properly cultivate trees planted on the midway of roads during the 18th SAARC summit and to restore the roads that turn dusty in winter and become muddy during the winter, giving trouble to travelers.   

The Committee drew the attention of the government towards the completion of the widening project by coming mid-March and to sketch an outline to systematise the Valley transport network.

Moreover, the Committee directed the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers to encourage pedestrians to use overhead bridges and footpaths, systematise the increasing settlement outside the Kathmandu Valley and formulate an umbrella act for the Authority.

Stating that demolition of an overhead bridge at Kalanki ( before its completion) constructed going against the direction of the  Public Account Committee caused a huge loss to the state coffer, the meeting asked the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office to present a report of this within a week.

Minister for Urban Development Arjun Narshing KC shared that national urban development strategy was under the progress of releasing soon.

Minister KC further informed that the concerned bodies were directed to develop all river side corridors to be eligible to ply the vehicles aimed at lessening the traffic jam in the valley.