National consensus on statute amendment being forged: PM Dahal

Posted on: November 08, 2016 | views: 164

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the draft of the constitution amendment would be forwarded in the participation of secretaries at the concerned Ministries and the ruling parties' leaders.

PM Dahal, who reached Khotang in course of inspecting the Mid-Hills Highway, said that the government is working out to go for elections after amending the constitution.  

He ruled out the reportedly released draft of constitution amendment and stated that the news in this connection was unauthentic. PM Dahal further said that the constitution amendment draft process has just begun since Monday evening.  

PM Dahal shared the progress of the incumbent government claiming that the government was concentrating on forging national consensus, making the constitution acceptable to all after amending it, expediting the reconstruction projects and harmonizing bilateral ties with neighbouring country.

The PM took the opportunity to assure that he will do something meaningful for the people of Khotang during his tenure, directing the authorities concerned to complete the under-construction development projects on time.