Cabinet meeting makes decisions

Posted on: November 04, 2016 | views: 173

The government has concluded that the visit of Indian president to Nepal is highly successful.

After the meeting of the council of ministers today, Spokesperson of the government Surendra Kumar Karki said the government has efficiently managed every arrangement including security of his visit.

The meeting also conceded that the high level visit has additionally strengthened Indo-Nepal relations.

The cabinet meeting also decided to make preparation of Nepal's president Bidhya Devi Bhandari's visit to India.

Additionally, the meeting appointed Revenue Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Rajan Khanal, as the chair of Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers today took a decision to this regard. Similarly, the meeting agreed to send the Bill on Khwopa University to the Legislation Committee for further discussions, according to Government Spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communications, Surendra Kumar Karki.

The Cabinet meeting nominated Dr Buddhi Bahadur Nepali for appointment as the executive director of the Neglected, Suppressed and Dalit Upliftment Development Committee that remains under the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development and send nominations for the appointment of heads at the development committees under the Ministry of Health.