Thimi's Kubhimde Jatra concludes

Posted on: October 12, 2016 | views: 269

The Kubhimde Jatra celebrated at Balkumari neighbourhood of Madhyapur Thimi on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami concluded today.

The festival known as Khann in the local Newari dialect started after planting the Jamara at the Taleju temple at Lyaku area. As per the tradition of the Kubhimde Jatra, the Fulpati – an assortment of different plants and flowers – is brought from Siddhikali temple on the day of Fulpati to Taleju Dashain Ghar where animal sacrifice of a buffalo and a goat is held.

The head of the buffalo and the Kubhimde is taken towards Balkumwari accompanied by a musical procession on Vijaya Dashami day.

The Kubhimde Jatra concluded after a Kamacharya performed ritualistic worship of the Kubhimde. It is believed that those taking a piece of Kubhimde to their homes will be blessed with happiness and peace and the piece is even rumored to work as medicine.

Similarly, Khagda Jatra, which observed on the night of Bada Dashain in Bhaktapur, was celebrated and concluded yesterday night itself.

The time-honoured Khada Jatra marks the veneration of god Khada who is also considered the embodiment of goddess Taleju Bhawani. The annual festival of ancient town Bhaktapur features the procession of god Khadga decked with a red cloth and armoured with an ancient sword.

The festival begins with the worship of weapons (especially a special sword) which is later handed over by the priest of Taleju Agam Temple to the Rajopadhyay.

The Rajopadhyay carries the sword as well as the symbolic idol of god Khagda in his shoulder and takes around the city for the members of public to worship both the sword and god Khadga.

Since the celebration of the festival based on the lunar calendar, it is observed both in the upper and lower part of Bhaktapur