Minister Joshi, US Ambassador Teplitz hold meeting

Posted on: October 06, 2016 | views: 244

Minister for Population and Environment Jaydev Joshi and the US Ambassador for Nepal Alaina Teplitz held a meeting today.

During the meeting that took place at the Minister's office, the two exchanged views on the works of the priorities of the Ministry and control of environment pollution, the Minister's private secretariat said.

On the occasion, Minister Joshi thanked the US Government for its support to the Nepal's development endeavours, wishing for the continuity and increase of such assistance in the future, too.

The US Ambassador put her queries about the efforts going on for the control of environment pollution in Nepal and discussed with the Minister about how to take the Environment Impact Assessment and the implementation of development projects simultaneously.

The US Ambassador further assured of more US assistance to the efforts meant for environment protection, management of climate change impact and population management in Nepal, according to Environment Secretary Bishwanath Oli.