NC PP calls for meeting to deliberate on restructuring of local bodies

Posted on: August 22, 2016 | views: 207

Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party (NCPP)'s executive committee has called for a meeting at 4:30 pm today to discuss on the restructuring of the various local units such as village council, municipalities, special protected area and autonomous areas.

According to NC PP Secretary Dhruba Wagle, a meeting is also called on Tuesday morning at 8:00 am for the same. The meeting is expected to make an official common viewpoint on the restructuring of local bodies as well as the contemporary political issues.

The NC earlier on Sunday had held a joint meeting of its central committee and districts presidents to discuss on the sameThe major political parties have been keen on the restricting of the local units since the Local Bodies Restructuring Commission suggested 565 local units in the country.

NC argues that it was not practical to determine less number of village council and municipalities for the largest party of the second Constituent Assembly believes that rendering public services would suffer inconvenience if so.