Human error blamed on recurrent air accident

Posted on: August 12, 2016 | views: 259

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has underlined 'human error' as to be blamed for many recurrent flight accidents despite the fact that a probe committee report had been fully enforced.

At the Parliament's Good Governance and Monitoring Committee meeting held today, Ministry's Secretary Prem Kumar Rai vowed to strictly abide by the policy to check the pilots' health condition before any flights.

Referring to the analysis of the probe committee report indicating a need to focus on the pilot's behaviour, the Secretary expressed commitment to implement the report by rendering the investigation trustworthy.

The meeting was briefed on the increased risk of accidents when pilots cannot find direction due to a sudden change of weather inclemently.

Ministry's Joint Secretary Suresh Acharya insisted on the urgency of keeping a separate mechanism to regulate and check the flight accidents in the aviation sector.

Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority Sanjib Gautam said that last efforts of the Authority were on to remove Nepal from the blacklist of the European Union that bans Nepali flights into EU member countries, citing a standards violation.