Some 2,000 houses inundated in Saptari

Posted on: July 24, 2016 | views: 226

Floodwaters from various rivers in Saptari triggered by torrential rains on Friday and Saturday have inundated around 2,000 houses.

Floodwaters from Khando Stream entered human settlements in various places and most houses in these villages have been flooded.

Likewise, the Mohali Stream inundated a large number of houses in the district.

Around 30,000 hectare of arable land in the district has been waterlogged.
People of the floods-affected areas have shifted to safer places.


Over 259 houses were inundated in different places in Jhapa district due to floods in different rivulets.  

The flood affected people have been shifted to the safer zones. Security personnel have been mobilized in the risky zones.