Jufal airport shuts down due to adverse weather and landslide in solu

Posted on: July 23, 2016 | views: 304

Flights to and from the district remain stalled for a week following the closure of the Jufal airport.

The Nepalgunj-Dolpa flight service has been stopped due to the high intensity of the monsoon, Civil Aviation Authority said.  The daily essential commodities have started depleting in Dolpa with the only modern means of travel shutting down.

Continuous landslide at Populung of Cheskam-7 of Solukhuumbu has put an entire village at risk of being buried.  The mudslide from a cliff above since July 15 has so far displaced 14 families.

The people in area remain terrorised due to likelihood of a big mass of rock falling down in the mudslide. The huge rock above the village has left its position, forcing the people to move to safer places, according to local Badar Kumar Rai.

The Bakraha River flooded by torrential rains entered the human settlement at Betini of Madhumalla-5, inundating  61 houses.  Flood waters from the river breached an embankment at Betini this morning and gushed into the village, a local journalist Santosh Gautam said.