No confidence motion tabled in parliament

Posted on: July 22, 2016 | views: 217

CPN Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has tabled a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in the Parliament meeting this evening.

Terming  politic as a ‘game of possibility, Mr. Dahal said the time compelled him to stand against Prime Minister Oli acccusing him of betraying a “gentlemen’s agreement” sealed with him, leading to recent developments.

He elaborated that there were differences in terms of definition of national unity, national independence and nationality between him and Oli.

The government tried to provoke a particular community and irritating various groups including the coalition partners themselves, instead of promoting national unity, Dahal charged.

Meanwhile, Dahal urged PM Oli to take the government change game as a natural process, as parties want to control power in the parliamentary democratic system.

He reiterated that he had reminded PM Oli of the need of national consensus to solve current political problems the nation is facing including implementation of the Constitution and addressing demands raised by Madhesi parties.

The House would discuss the motion for three days, according to Speaker Onsari Gharti.


The Parliament has rejected the Finance Bill, the Bill to Raise Domestic Debt and the Loan and Guarantee Bill with majority today.
The bills were rejected after the previous ally CPN Maoist Centre and the main opposition Nepali Congress decided to vote against the bills.
The Parliament rejected a proposal of Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Paudel seeking endorsement of the Bill to Raise Domestic Debt.

Also, the Finance Bill failed to get endorsed from the Parliament as majority of lawmakers voted against the Bill.

The Parliament also rejected the Bill to Raise Domestic Debt, and Loan and Guarantee Bill.

In response to the queries of MPs, Fiance minister Bishnu P. Paudel explained that both domestic and foreign loans were necessary for the nation to expedite development works.


The dispute over the agenda of the discussions in the Parliament had been resolved with the major parties agreeing to hold discussions on the budget-related bills before the no-confidence proposal.

The parties were divided whether the no-confidence motion or passing the budget related bills should take precedence in the agenda of the parliament meeting with the no- confidence motion registered in the parliament against the government.