Govt. Minister Respond to MPS' Question in House

Posted on: July 06, 2016 | views: 197

Some ministers, while responding to the questions by lawmakers during discussions on the various headings under the Appropriation Bill, 2073 in the Legislature-Parliament meeting today, commented that the lawmakers had asked questions by exaggerating the reality.

Responding to the queries from MPs related to the topics concerning the Ministry of Commerce, Commerce Minister Jayant Chand said the government is effortful towards trade diversification taking advantage of the proposal on trade facilitation ratified by the World Trade Organisation as the country is its member.

Similarly, Minister for Science and Technology Shivalal Thapa said preparations are on for revising the Science and Technology Policy, 2063. He further said preparations have been made for carrying out transaction through electronic signature in the government bodies.

Likewise, Minister for Population and Environment Bishwendra Paswan hoped that the MPs will lend cooperation to the Ministry in the efforts it has initiated for implementing environment-friendly policies.

Similarly, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ananda Prasad Pokharel said a master plan has been formulated to make historical places of the country as tourism destinations, preparation is underway for the reconstruction of heritages, safety for adventurous tourism and 10-year tourism strategic plan has been prepared.

Likewise, Irrigation Minister Umesh Kumar Yadav said the government is effortful to create environment for the expansion of irrigation facility at a time when the country cannot adopt modern agriculture system although there is 3,641,000 hectares of land appropriate for cultivation.

Supplies Minister Ganeshman Pun said that necessary arrangement has been made for increasing capacity of fuel storage in the government's Policies and Programmes and budget.