Speaker Gharti Directs Concerned Ministers for Response

Posted on: July 06, 2016 | views: 185

    Speaker Onsari Gharti has directed the concerned ministers to respond the House regarding the questions raised by lawmakers on the issues of loss of lives and property due to floods and landslides as well as cases of violence against women.

During the 'zero hour' in today's meeting of the Legislature-Parliament, lawmakers demanded the government to provide relief and compensation to the landslide and flood affected people of different parts of the country.

Stating that people of the surrounding areas of Bhotekoshi in Sindhupalchowk were affected due to flood in Bhotekoshi and people of different places of Pyuthan have been hit by landslides, the lawmakers demanded to provide compensation to the victim families.

They also asked the government to carry out investigation into the collapse of the canal of the Banke-based Sikta Irrigation Project in course of a test-run.


The government ministers are currently responding to the questions over various subjects pertaining to the Appropriation Bill, 2073 in the Legislature-Parliament meeting today.

The deliberation over the Bill based on the national budget will be followed by the passage of the budget on July 8, according to the Parliament Secretariat.

The question and answer session will last for two days during which lawmakers who are not content with the ministers' response will advance counter-questions.