Youth involvement essential for agriculture Dev. -VP Pun

Posted on: July 04, 2016 | views: 341
Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has stressed on   modernization, professionalization and mechanization for sustainable agricultural development.   

 While inaugurating the First Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurs Conference today, VP Pun said that diversification of the agriculture sector is the need of the hour as agriculture is the base of prosperity for the country.

 Vice- President Pun also issued the directives to the government to stop land fragmentation and plotting, to create agriculture friendly environment, to provide soft loan to the youth to attract them in the sector.  He added that youth should lead the agriculture sector.  

Similarly, Minister for Agricultural Development Haribol Gajurel said that the sustainable development of the agriculture sector was impossible unless youth involved in the sectors.        

Ambassador of Israel to Nepal, Mr Yaron Mayer commented that Nepal has immense possibilities in agriculture and the youth should put in their skills and enthusiasm for the development of this sector.