Deliberation on appropriation bill-2073 On

Posted on: July 04, 2016 | views: 256

The Legislature-Parliament continues to discuss different topics including the Office of the President, the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, the Office of the Vice-President, the National Planning Commission and other various ministries under the Appropriation Bill-2073.

In the Parliament meeting today, Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat of the Nepali Congress raised question on how the incumbent government, which has become failure to provide relief and grant assistance to earthquake survivors, could collect targeted revenue and blamed that price of daily essentials has hiked with the announcement of the budget.  

Accusing the government for not allocating the necessary budget for the construction of Kathmandu-Tarai fast track, Mahat wondered how could the construction of the Outer Ring Road in Kathmandu be feasible at a time when it has become difficult even to complete the construction task of the Inner Ring Road itself for lack of construction materials.  

Bharat Mohan Adhikari of the CPN (UML) said that the budget has been focused on constitution implementation as the coming fiscal year is 'constitution implementation year', saying the budget has increased necessary amount to forward cooperative programmes.

Most of lawmakers criticized the government for appropriating budget in the interest of the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and people close to them.

Budget has been allocated to some 80 road projects of a single district while the district lacking access to those in the powers are put aside, they said.
The Legislature-Parliament shall meet again at 11:00 am Tuesday.