Minister Yadhav visit Flood stricken areas in Saptari

Posted on: June 27, 2016 | views: 151

Minister for Irrigation Umesh Kumar Yadav has made an on-site visit to various flood-engulfed places in Saptari district today and took stock of the situation as well as promised some resolutions to the locals.

Local rivers in the district such as Khando, Mahuli, Sundari and Balaan among others are swollen with the flood triggered by torrential rain in the eastern part of the country.

As a result flood water has gushed into many houses across Launiha, Hanuman Nagar, Sakarpur, Gobargada, Belhi and Jhalhi among other VDCS in the district.  Minister Yadav also inspected areas where arable land was washed away by the flooded river.
Minister Yadav, assuaging the flood-hit locals, shared that the concern body has already been instructed for repair and maintenance of irrigation systems.