National tuberculosis prevalence survey from January

Posted on: December 29, 2017 | views: 4010
The National Tuberculosis Centre (NTC) is set to conduct an extensive national tuberculosis prevalence survey, the first of its kind, from January, 2018. NTC’s director Dr Kedar Narsingh KC has said under this study situation of new and old TB patients will be studied. He said the study will help find out the number of new and old TB patients, their situation and the rate of new patient addition every year, he said. The government has launched various programmes with the aim to relieve the country of the disease by 2050. NTC’s planning chief Anil Thapa said approximately 44,000 new TB patients are added every year. ## 173 poor Dalit families of Dadeldhura to get cemented houses The Urban Development Ministry has been constructing 173 houses in Dadeldhura district in the current fiscal year under the People's Housing Programme. The Office of the Urban Development and Building Construction Division has said construction works of houses targeting the poorest Dalit families of Amargadhi municipality, Ganyapdhura rural municipality and Ajaymeru rural municipality under the programme have already been started and the construction of the houses would be completed in the current fiscal year. The government will provide 335,000 Rupees to each family by forming beneficiaries' group under the program.