Madhyapur Thimi Municipality seals under-construction building of TB hospital

Posted on: December 28, 2017 | views: 13353
Madhyapur Thimi Municipality has sealed the under-construction building of Tuberculosis Hospital at Madhyapur Thimi-4. The Municipality sealed the building of the 300-bed Tuberculosis Hospital of National Tuberculosis Centre, saying the building is being constructed without permission as well as without getting the hospital building design passed from the municipality. The building is being constructed at a cost of Rs 290 million of the government. A team comprising Mayor Madan Sundar Shrestha and Chief Administrative Officer Kamal Gyawali, among others sealed the building. Meanwhile, Centre Director Dr Kedar Narsingh KC has said that one government body should not obstruct the construction work of another government body = He added that the construction of building started in a hurry thinking the budget for building construction might go to the freeze.