'NC not greedy for power, rather eager to hand over leadership through due process'

Posted on: December 21, 2017 | views: 73

Nepali Congress leader Prakashman Singh has said the party si eagerly waiting the moment to hand over the government leadership through a due process. 

In his address to a program  organized this morning in Baneshwor, Singh said the President should not withhold the ordinance related to the National Assembly election.  He said that Nepali Congress is not greedy for the power, but wants to leave the government through proper procedure. 

Meanwhile, Sister organizations of Nepali Congress (NC) have advised the party to hold a strategic meet in all seven provinces to review the results the party achieved in the recent elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies. 

A meeting of the party's sister organisations held at Baneshwor today called on the party leadership to take up the matter seriously and hold in-depth discussions about it within the party. 

Talking to journalist, Nepal Students' Union president, Nainsingh Mahar, underlined the need of holding discussions about the issue of party defeat through the ward committee level. Leaders from the wards unit committee to central level should self criticize regarding the poll results came in faour of the party. 

The meeting also expressed gratitude to the incumbent government headed by the party for being able to complete the twin elections successfully. 

Nepal Women Association chair Uma Regmi  said the party should summon the Mahasamiti meeting to review the poll results. 

Nepal Press Union President Badri Sigdel insisted on the need of working thorough a new vision and plan to strengthen the party from the village to central level. 

The meeting also called on the President to authenticate the ordinate related to the National Assembly election presented by the government as soon as possible.