Fire in gas plant tamed

Posted on: December 21, 2017 | views: 90

Two people have died and many injured in a fire that broke out at the Super Gas Plant based in Patelnagar in Birgunj this morning. 

Speaking in a press conference organized at the office of the LP Gas Industries Association, Association President  Gokul Bhandari said the fire started at 6 in the morning at was doused 8 hours later. He said details of further losses are still awaited as collection of details of the damage caused by the fire is underway. 

He said the fire started from a spark while a driver a tried to start his vehicle. 

Bhandari further added that the Indian vehicles and the gas bullets operating in the gas industry are estimated to be 20 years old and the incident happened for this very reason. 

The Association has formed a five-member investigation committee under the coordination of Shiva Kumar Ghimire to probe into the cause of the fire at the Super Gas Industry and submit a report on this to the Association.