820 billion rupees required to run the federal system

Posted on: December 13, 2017 | views: 65
Finance Ministry has said that a preliminary estimate carried out by the ministry shows that at least 820 billion rupees will be required to run the federal administration for the next three years. This will include the establishment of provincial infrastructure in the first phase, including the administrative units for the second tier of government. A significant amount will be spent on buildings, vehicles, employees' training and the like in the first phase and meeting the initial cost of 800 billion rupees will be challenging, Finance Secretary Shanker Prasad Adhikari said. Around 40 billion alone will the required for civil servants expected to take voluntary retirement instead of adjustment in the new federal structure. Legislature, Executive and Judiciary infrastructure are being set up in all the seven provinces while staff and offices will also be required. Preliminary estimates states a financial burden of 10 billion rupees will have to be carried for establishing the provincial structures. The existing cost however at the centre will be less in compared to the present with a limited number of ministries as mandated the new constitution. Finance Secretary however believes that the formation of a new government with a five-year mandate will attract investment in the country with the promotion of a favourable atmosphere, and thereby also help meet the expenses. Election Results The results of both the phases of the house of representatives and state assembly elections are coming in. Counting of votes under the first past the post system has almost been completed. Final result of 160 out of 165 federal constituencies have been declared so far. According to the latest result, CPN(UML) candidates have won in 76 constituencies, CPN(Maoist centre) in 36, making the total seats won by left coalition 113. Similarly, Nepali Congress has won in 21 constituencies. Likewise, Rastriya Janta Party and Federal Socialist Forum have won in 10 constituencies each. Nayashakti party, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, and Nepal Workers and peasant party have won one constituency each.