Thrusday Chhath, Govt announces public holiday on Friday

Posted on: October 26, 2017 | views: 362

The main ritual of the four-day Chhath festival is being observed today by worshipping and making offerings to the setting sun. 

The Chhath festival observed as common cultural symbol of the Tarai is celebrated as per religious tradition and much fanfare. 

The festive fanfare can be seen in different parts including Ranipokhari, Gaurighat, Kupondole of Kathmandu Valley as well. 

The festival is dedicated to the Sun God, with offerings made to the rising and setting Sun. It is observed for four days, from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi to Kartik Shukla Saptami as per the lunar calendar. 

The ritual of Chhath festival includes taking holy bath, fasting, standing and worshiping the sun for a long time and offering prasad and argha to the ‘rising and setting Sun”. 


The government has decided to give a public holiday tomorrow as well. 

Issuing a statement today, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced to extend the public holiday even tomorrow in course of the Chhath festival.

In the prior years, the government used to grant the public holiday only on the same day of Chhath. 

The Chhath festival is being celebrated with fanfare particularly in Tarai today.