Difficult to print separate ballot papers: CEC Dr Yadav

Posted on: October 21, 2017 | views: 146

Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has said that it will be difficult to print separate two ballot papers for the first-past-the-post election system in the upcoming federal and provincial elections. 

Talking to journalists at EC's office in the capital city yesterday Dr Yadav added that the commission printed the ballot papers with the consent and suggestions of political parties and they did not have enough time to print separate ballot papers in this late hour. 

He further shared that despite the time limitation, they were holding talks with concerned bodies regarding the issues and would take appropriate decision after their suggestions. 

It may be noted that the Supreme Court already gave a verdict that it was meaningless to speak about interim order on printing separate ballot papers. 

The EC had given the verdict over a writ petition filed by Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal leader Sarvendra Nath Shukla demanding that the EC should print separate four types of ballot papers for the provincial and parliamentary elections scheduled for November 26 and December 7.