Laxmi Puja being observed throughout the country, also Devkota born day

Posted on: October 19, 2017 | views: 279

The third day of the Yamapanchak, Goddess of Wealth  Laxmi is being worshipped with jubilation and various religious rituals throughout the country today evening in accordance with time honoured tradition. 

Laxmi Puja is being celebrated in every household today to mark the third day of the five-day Tihar festival by lighting butter lamps and candles inside and outside of the households to light up the path of Goddess Laxmi in order to welcome her. 

All the nooks and corners of the house including the courtyard and rooms are illuminated with colourful and decorative lights this evening with the belief that Goddess Laxmi does not visit places that are not properly illuminated.

The night of Laxmi Puja is also known as 'the Night of Bliss'. Laxmi Puja is a day during which cultural programmes as 'Deusi' and 'Bhailo' are held. 

Girls in groups visit door-to-door singing Bhailo songs. The house-owners then offer gifts of Selroti, rice grains and money to these girls. 

Meanwhile, 109th birth anniversary of Mahakabi Laxmi Prasad Devkota is also marked today by organizing various programs. 

One of the most celebrated poets of Nepali literature, Devkota, was born in 1966 B.S in Kathmandu on the day of Laxmi puja, hence the name Laxmi. Devkota' adhered to the romantic movement and his poems are well known for their progressive subject matters. Apart from poems, Devkota also wrote many famous and critically-acclaimed essays, novels, short stories, and songs.