Lawmakers demand use of Nepali script and digits in auto number plates

Posted on: September 06, 2017 | views: 1349

Lawmakers have called for using the Devanagari script in the electric (embossed) number plate system for automobiles launched by the Department of Transport in Bagmati Zone since August 21. 

In a meeting of the Legislature-Parliament's Development Committee today, lawmakers said vehicles' number plates should be in the Nepali language so that general people can easily read about it particularly at time of accident.

The use of English language in such number plates has provided chance for vehicles responsible for accidents to escape arrests as eye witness and victim failed to notice/ read the number plate properly.

In replies to lawmakers' concerns, Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Bir Bahadur Balayar pledged to make initiations for using the Devanagiri script in it.