Floods, landslides claim 1000 plus lives

Posted on: August 26, 2017 | views: 289

A total of 1,037 people have lost their lives in the last five years in floods and landslides while 534 have gone missing. Likewise, the number of injured is exactly the same with that of missing ones, the Ministry of Home said. 

As per the records, 480 people lost their lives in floods and 557 in landslides since 2069/070 BS. Similarly, 341 people have gone missing in the floods and 193 in landslides. 

Likewise, altogether 557 people died and 193 were missing in the landslides during the period. According to the Ministry, property worth more than Rs 4.62 billion was damaged by the landslides.   

Meanwhile, the ministry has developed a draft of the bill relating to disaster management, and will soon be tabled before the parliament through the cabinet.