Removal of Cooperative Act from meeting agenda riles lawmakers

Posted on: August 11, 2017 | views: 192

Lawmakers, in the very first hour of the Legislature-Parliament meeting today, expressed concern over the removal of the Cooperatives Act from the agenda of discussions. 

Taking time from Speaker Onsari Gharti, they said the government did not pay its attention to the promotion of cooperative business that according to them remaining as one of the pillars of a three-pillar economy and a 'major' base for nation's economy.  

There are six million cooperatives members across the country, this sector has a four-percent contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and has directly employed 100 thousand people, but the promotion of this sector is still not in the priority of the government, as they complained.

Meanwhile speaking in the Zero Hour of the meeting of the parliament today, lawmakers drew the government's attention to addressing the local and national issues as the impact Dr Govinda K.C.'s hunger strike has had on hospital services, the alleged corruption in the land purchase of Nepal Oil Corporation and the ongoing hunger strike of the temporary teachers.