'Tobacco Tax: A sustainable source for Health Financing'

Posted on: July 17, 2017 | views: 82

One of the effective ways of reducing tobacco consumption is to spike up tobacco tax.  

A joint study by the World Bank and the World Health Organization recently conducted in various countries including South Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand America and Britain shows that even a 10 per cent increment in the tax on tobacco products led to a significant drop in the consumption of tobacco products by the lower class and the middle class people in these countries. 

Jeffrey Drope, Vice President, Economic & Health Policy Research, American Cancer Society, USA said, of late tobacco consumption has emerged as one of the major causes of the non-communicable diseases like cancer, blood pressure, tuberculosis, pneumonia, brain hemmorage and heart diseases. It has also become a major public health issue. 

A study conducted by The Union, Singapore in collaboration with the WHO showed that tobacco consumption is the main cause of the death of 42 to 68 persons daily in Nepal. The Union has been working for the prevention and control of tobacco worldwide. 

Dr. Tara Singhj Bam, Deputy Regional Director of The Union, shared that tobacco consumption is emerging as the silent killer in the lower and middle class. No notable 

The World Health Organisation has suggested its member countries to increase tax of tobacco related products to 70 per cent, but tax of such products is now up to 28 per cent in Nepal.