ओसामाबिन लादेनको अन्तिम इच्छापत्र यस्तो भेटियो

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१९ फागुन, एजेन्सी ।
अमेरिका आफैंले आतंककारी बनाएर हत्या गरेको बताएको अतिवादी मुश्लिम नेता ओसामा विन लादेनको भनिएको अन्तिम इच्छापत्र अमेरिकाले सार्वजनिक गरेको छ ।

लादेनको मृत्यु भएको बताएपनि अमेरिकाले जिवित नै ग्वान्तानामो टापुमा राखेको खवर बाहिरिएको केही सातामा अमेरिकी सरकारले लादेनको भनिएके  इच्छापत्रलार्इ सार्वजनिक गरेको हो ।

लादेनको मृत्यु नभएको खवर लगत्तै सार्वजनिक अमेरिकी सरकारको यो खवरलाई विश्वभर चासोका साथ हेरिएको छ ।
जस अनुसार लादेनले आफ्नो २ सय ९० लाख डलर वरावरको सम्पति जिहादीहरूका लागि दिन भनेका छन् ।

अंग्रेजिमा रुपान्तरीत उनको इच्छापत्र यस्तो छ –

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Praise be to God and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his followers and companions.

I, Usama Bin Muhammad ‘Awadh Bin ‘Abud Bin Laden, have signed below. In regard to the money that is in Sudan, it is about 29 million dollars.

According to the mediator, I have received onemillion one-hundred thousand in Sudan, eight-hundred thousand in Jalalabad, and then about one-million two-hundred fifty-thousand in Qandahar.

I received twelve million dollars from my brother Abu Bakir Muhammad Bin ((Laden)) on behalf of Bin Laden Company for Investment in Sudan.

I hope, for my brothers, sisters, and maternal aunts, to obey my will and to spend all the money that I have left in Sudan on Jihad, for the sake of Allah.

Also, I need you to take 1% from the total and give it to Shaykh Abu Hafs al-Mauritani. By the way, he has already received 20,000- 30,000 dollars from it, he said.

I promised him that I would reward him if he took it out of the Sudani Government. I also told brother Engineer Abu Ibrahim al-Iraqi Sa’ad ((Jawhar)) to cut 1% as a reward for his hard work in Wadi al-‘Aqiq Company, and I think he has already have done that.

If not, I want you to give him what I promised him. The conversation about the money in Sudan is over. I want three-hundred thousand riyals to go to my Uncle Master Muhammad Bin Umar al-((‘Attas)) and his children. I want 20 of gold to go to Khadijah Umm (mother) of ‘Ali, the daughter of ‘Abdullah al-((Jilani)).

I want my uncle’s sons, sisters, and maternal aunts to have two pounds of Hujazi’s gold for each one (male) and one pound of them and Hujazi’s gold for each one (female).

I want you also to cut from Sudan’s money 200,000 riyals for my sisters Maryam, Iman, and ‘Atidal, for the total of 600,000 riyals.

I want for my son Sa’ad Bin Usama and his mother to share a half of his portion and my daughter Khadijah, the daughter of Usama, half of the daughter’s share.


Usama bin Muhammad\