Biratnagar Flooded after Downpour

Posted on: June 25, 2016 | views: 491

Incessant rainfall and flashflood have affected normal life in eastern part of the country.

Dozens of houses in Biratnagar have been inundated and the public roads are completely covered with water due to incessant rain since this morning.

The houses have been flooded with no proper outlet ot water as the road widening and drainage construction are underway in Biratnagar.  Even the bus park has been waterlogged for incessant rain since 5.30 this morning. There is no condition for people to come outside of their houses due to all-pervasive inundation.

The Biratnagar airport is also no spare of the rain effect. No aircraft has been landed in the Biratnagar airport since this morning, according to the airport sources.


Several VDCs in the south Saptari have been waterlogged as a result of the flood water from the Khando river in the area.

As a result more than 100 homes in the VDCs have been flooded with water level as high as two feet, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police Dan Bahadur Karki. Two kilometers of road on the Tilathi-Hanumannagar road section has also been swept away by floods.